Top 5 Tips to Preserve Fashion Jewellery

11 September
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All women love their fashion or costume jewellery. It is not only trendy and original but also quite affordable. Women like to wear them on daily basis to beautify their look. Necklaces, mang tika, earrings etc., there are various options that are available to provide a different look and style to any basic outfit. However, costume jewellery are not long lasting. It often loses shines and color, gets tarnished, breaks easily and even leaves unattractive traces on the skin. Even though there are no great solutions to overcome these shortcomings, still there are few tips that you can use to keep your costume jewellery looking great while it remains in trend. Mentioned below are few of such tips which will help you in preserving your costume jewellery.

1. Keeping jewelry dry and clean

One of the best tip to keep the shine, luster and beauty of the costume jewellery is to keep them quite clean and dry. No matter if it is a necklace, ring, earring, exposure of fashion jewellery to any type of chemical products, body creams, lotions, perfume or even water can lead to tarnishing of the jewellery at faster pace. Metals like copper, brass etc oxidize and their color changes while in case of jewellery with silver or gold platings, will chip. To avoid this, make sure that you take off your jewellery before applying any lotion, cream, perfurme etc or even when you wash your hands. Also try to make sure that your jewellery doesn’t leave greenish traces on your skin.

2. Wearing Jewellery occasionally

Try to avoid wearing same jewellery for longer period of time. Fashion jewellery isn’t supposed to be worn every day. If you keep wearing same jewellery daily then chances of discoloration increases by manifolds. In order to preserve the life of jewellery, try to change it regularly by wearing different outfits. Since fashion jewellery is affordable, you can buy more pieces of same style and use them alternatively.

3. Wear only when in requires

It is quite important that you remove your jewellery at the end of the day. Make sure that you don’t go to sleep while wearing the fashion jewellery. It will easily get damaged and may get tarnished quickly and even get broken. It can also lead to injuring and leaving color and scratches on your skin. Sweat also leads to jewellery leaving green traces on skin. So, if you are going to do any activity that doesn’t require you to wear jewellery, then take it off.

4. Cleaning the jewellery post use

To increase the life of your jewellery, it is important that you clean it after every use. It may feel time consuming and laborious but it will definitely keep your jewellery new for long time. At many occasions, the jewellery gets exposed to soap, perfume, oil etc. and in that case, it is better to clean it with a soft cloth to make sure that there are no chemical residue on the jewellery. Even sweat can be detrimental to your jewellery. They accelerate the oxidation process which can damage the jewellery. Do not use any chemical cleaner which has acids, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia. Before storing your jewellery, it is better to clean it first and dry it out.

5. Store your jewellery carefully

There are many methods to store your jewellery, safe and protected. You can use jewellery boxes, pouches or can leave them loose in the drawer. To avoid tarnishing, chipping and breakage of your jewellery, make sure that they are stored individually. You can use soft cotton or velvet pouches. Necklaces can be hung on hooks while rings and earings can be stored in a jewellery box.

By following all these tips, you can keep your jewellery free from chipping, discoloration etc, You can also store your jewellery with care and increase its life time. This will allow you to wear your favorite jewellery on appropriate occasion without worrying about damaging it.

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